*New Wellness-for-Performance Programme!*

I am excited to announce that BodyNatured is teaming up with The Change Rooms in Sydney as part of their Wellness-for-Performance Programme which supports the health and wellbeing of individuals, teams and organisations to achieve optimal energy and performance in business.

In a world where the pace is ever-increasing, and change in business and technology is rapid, how well we are equipped to deal with this change becomes more and more important and affects everything from our performance at work, our mental and physical health, right down to how we cope in everyday life.
The Change Rooms in Sydney recognises this and offers a number of programmes to support individuals, teams, leaders and women. Their unique approach combines traditional and innovative applications of coaching with a holistic approach to the mind and body in order to optimise energy, performance and mental and physical resilience to change.

The Wellness-for-Performance Programme involves working with teams and individuals to equip them with the knowledge and skills to optimise their energy and general health and wellbeing through periods of major change and stress. The programme encompasses physical and emotional resilience, aligning team energy, stress management and optimum nutrition for energy and mental performance.

Jessica and Sophia from The Change Rooms have a wealth of qualifications and personal experience in managing change from their time spent in senior business roles around the world and I am thrilled to have this opportunity to work with such a dynamic pair!

If you think your organisation, or workplace could benefit from a holistic and tailored approach to employee wellness then contact Jessica, Sophia or myself today or check out the website here for more details about the programme: http://www.thechangerooms.com/services-info/

Yours in good health, naturally! Victoria x


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