A guided winter detox programme to detoxify, nourish and reenergise!
The 12 day WARMING WINTER DETOX programme is perfect for those wanting to reset eating habits, boost energy and warm up this winter!

12 days focusing on foods that help detoxify, nourish and energise the body.

You will receive a Detox pack which includes Food Guidelines, Meal Ideas & Recipes and be supported throughout by a qualified nutrition professional.
All of this for just $79!
You will also be able to boost your Detox by adding on a personalised Nutrition consultation, Bowen Treatment or Pilates class for a special rate during the detox period.

And to complete your Detox experience, Jess Stratford from The Change Rooms is offering a MIND, EMOTION & SPIRIT DETOX to be done as a complementary programme to the WARMING WINTER DETOX for just $45 extra. Click the product links below or go to the BodyNatured Shop for more details and to purchase both at the same time.
Detox Dates
The programme kicks off on Sunday 23rd July and finishes on Thursday 3rd August.

How much does it cost?
The cost of the programme is $79.00.

How do I sign up?
Click on the links below to purchase the WARMING WINTER DETOX and the MIND, EMOTION AND SPIRIT DETOX, by bank transfer or credit card, or pay in person when visiting Victoria at Holistic Health on Denham.

Once your order has been received, this confirms your place on the Detox and you will be sent your receipt and registration confirmation. The final Detox pack will be distributed 10 days prior to the Detox on Wednesday 13th July, at which point the Facebook group will open up and preparation for the Detox will begin in earnest!
In the meantime…
Please check out the BodyNatured Facebook page and explore this website to read more about the services offered and don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions. ph: 0427 302 360 email: bodynatured@gmail.com
Yours in good health, naturally! Victoria x


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