Chocolate Nut Bombs

July 9, 2016
These Chocolate Nut Bombs will satisfy any sweet craving, while providing a whole load of goodness with each bite. An energy bomb of protein-packed nuts, and sweet, fibre-filled dates, they are rounded off with a super-chocolatey blast from the antioxidant packed raw cacao ...
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Oh hummus, such a simple pleasure! Traditionally, a chickpea based dip, from the Middle East, hummus (meaning chickpea in Arabic), has now become a firm favourite across the world, and most definitely in my household. This recipe takes hummus to the next level, both in flavo...
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Some of my favourite meals are those that are just thrown together with whatever is in the fridge. This meal was one of those, and makes the perfect lunch to take to work, or a quick weeknight dinner when you're running short of ideas. It works well to make the full quanti...
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