Hi, I'm Victoria

I am passionate about helping people to help themselves and I want you to walk away from my clinic feeling positive and empowered! I created BodyNatured to bring to you therapies that I believe can help you to achieve this and much more! I have personally had amazing experiences with each of the therapies offered and I continue to witness their effectiveness on a day-to-day basis in my clients and the results that they get.

My personal journey to health has been one of an awakening. Many years ago, I was in a fast-living corporate career, where 'burning the candle at both ends' was my general attitude to life, and trying to ensure that all my hard work was balanced out with an equal amount of hard partying, my goal!

Basically I was doing all the wrong things – and it wasn't too long before my body started to scream out the warning signs that it wasn't happy. With chronically recurring colds, illnesses and repeated antibiotic use, my health was not where it should have been to say the least. I think the real turning point though was the birth of my son, when I realized that not only did I need to take care of myself properly but also this precious little person who was completely relying on me!

After completing a 3-year journey of study in Naturopathic Nutrition at the College of Naturopathic Medicine (CNM), in London, I have not looked back. The education that I have gained has changed my outlook on life. It has empowered me with the knowledge that I am in control of my own health and given me the tools to be able to do this. I have since turned around my health situation with food and lifestyle changes that have changed my life and that of my family for the better. I now want to help others do the same. In a world where misinformation is all over the place and time for research and sorting out the facts from the fiction is a luxury, I want to help you shortcut to the things you need to know to make a difference in your life, and hopefully set you back on course.

On this path of discovery I encountered The Bowen Technique. After my first session I was completely blown away by the result. Although not having gone for any specific complaint or injury, the feeling of relaxation, calm and wellbeing that I felt after the session was unlike anything I had experienced from any other therapy. I decided on the spot that I needed to know more and signed up to train in the technique. I have personally experienced great results with hayfever (which has never returned), instant relief from migraines and profound and lasting improvements in posture. I find that by having regular treatments every month or so, it helps me deal with stress and maintain a better sense of calm and balance.

I then decided to train in Pilates which brings the physical element and important role of movement into the mix. I have personally benefited from Pilates with postural improvements, improved core definition and strength which in turn has improved my performance in other sports and also provided an important medium for relaxation and mind-body connection for me.

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