'I have had a lifetime of suffering from chronic allergic rhinitis and asthma. I was experiencing some issues with my living environment that were exacerbating these symptoms, so I went to see Victoria as she'd been recommended by a friend. Her professionalism and expert knowledge really bowled me over and I found her so positive, compassionate and supportive that I instantly felt totally at ease, and have since become a regular client. I walked away from our first consultation with a very easy to understand and manageable plan that considered all areas of my life. I noticed a massive difference to my symptoms within weeks, and importantly she also addressed the root causes of my illness. As a result, I am pleased to say that with her guidance and support, I've been able to maintain her recommendations and I now barely notice my allergic rhinitis and my asthma is so much better managed. I am so grateful to Victoria as her treatment has been life changing for me. I cannot recommend her highly enough.'

Sara, 37
I sought treatment because I felt I had a hormonal imbalance. My monthly cycle had been erratic, heavy and up to 13 days long. Having experienced this problem from about 30, I had become aware my body was changing/ageing. Breast tenderness the week before my cycle was a massive hindrance and coupled with fatigue, I felt like I couldn't work at the pace I wanted to and this was impacting the energetic Mummy I wanted to be.
So seeing Victoria was the best thing I could have done, getting advice from someone that really understood the function of your body and how the things we do day to day can impact it. This experience made me sharpen my focus on things I needed to understand and do. Having seen Victoria, I was astounded how much I needed to change to help myself. I was leading a lifestyle with far too much sugar intake and not enough variety. Victoria was incredibly thorough and discussed my whole medical background, right from birth. (Having not ever taken the time to study my own background or look at lifestyle and symptoms, I realised... I had not ever paid attention to my body, and I rarely relaxed. I needed to listen to my body and change more than the food I was eating).
Having had a thorough discussion about me and my lifestyle, Victoria explained why my body was reacting to the foods I was eating. I learnt quickly the foods I needed to change and how these changes would support my body. Having had my gallbladder removed about 4 years ago, it was clear – I needed to support my body's digestive system better and change my ways.
Victoria provided me with a plan, outlining the type of things I should be having. I've adopted these changes and have experimented so much with food and recipes through this experience, I won't ever go back to my old lifestyle. Being healthier really isn't that difficult but it's about making decisions and getting organised! In making the suggested changes, I have reduced my breast tenderness massively, my cycle is less heavy and amazingly shorter. I couldn't quite believe, how much what I was eating had an effect on this. I only had a few sessions with Victoria, but achieved so much in such a short space of time!
I've had a massive re-education in food and what it can do for me. I've dieted before but I can honestly say this experience is far beyond that. This has changed my life, and in turn changed the lives of my nearest and dearest! My 7 year old, that was sometimes fussy over things, has massively benefited from this experience. He now has a better understanding of why I'm making certain choices and enjoying these things as well. Through me experimenting, he's learnt to try more and has become much more accepting of food and what it does for us. He's now turning down the foods that only fill him up for 10 minutes, and choosing better things to eat.
All of the changes I've made, make sense. I should have changed some of these things before now, but with a busy work life, I have ignored what I should have been doing. Victoria is very passionate and caring. She takes the time to get to know you, and delivers what needs to change in a very manageable way. Victoria has such a great understanding of foods, their benefits, how they affect you. Her knowledge of products and their contents really helps to guide you in picking up the better things in the supermarket. Victoria's guidance is fantastic and I would fully recommend seeing her. I now look at foods very differently in the supermarket and there is something incredibly satisfying when you know you're providing the right choices for your family.
One interesting part of this experience, was that I realised I didn't own the correct kitchen equipment. Having the right tools for the job, really is a necessity. I didn't cook to the extent I should of because I didn't have the chopper, and blender and tools like this, to allow me to make my own sauces and dressings etc. I now cook with herbs, spices and oils which I just hadn't experimented with before. I'm enjoying food so much more and I'm no longer getting moments, when I'm so hungry I have to stuff myself with whatever I can find.
I definitely wasn't paying enough attention to food preparation and storage. The key to a healthy life is being organised and I've learnt so much from this process. This experience has changed my life forever and I will remain eternally grateful for all that I've learnt.

Gill, 32


As a professional classical guitarist I have experienced a great deal of posture related back pain over the years - recently almost to the point of not enjoying playing anymore. Nothing could have prepared me for the profound effect the gentle movements of The Bowen Technique would have on my body. During treatments I was surprised by the deep sense of relaxation and lightness. Afterwards there was a very definite and positive enhancement of mood. After just 3 or 4 treatments my back problems improved tremendously, I am far more aware of posture and therefore able to take preventative action. In addition, Victoria gave me a list of exercises to develop core strength as well as back and neck muscles. Playing the guitar is once again a pleasure and I am enjoying it more than ever.

My daughter had had a difficult 3 years dealing with hip pain, operations and bouts of fatigue. We were looking for something positive to help her get through it all. That's when we discovered Bowen Technique. From her first treatment my daughter found Victoria easy to talk to and felt that at last someone was really listening to what she had to say about the way her whole body was feeling. My daughter loved the treatments and found them very relaxing. Bowen Technique has helped her to listen to her body much more. She really looks forward to every appointment, counting down the days until she can have her next treatment.

Vivienne for Sophia, 16 years
I was suffering from an oedema on my ankle following a long haul flight which was getting very uncomfortable and causing me a lot of concern as I couldn't shift it. I read about Bowen and thought it could help, so I found Victoria and unbelievably after just one session the swelling has almost completely disappeared. For the first time in 6 weeks, my ankle is almost back to normal. Victoria performs magic – her treatments deliver profound results. I would highly recommend her to my friends and family.

S, 38

I had heard about Bowen but I wasn't sure if it would be the right treatment for my severe wrist tendinitis. It was so bad that I sometimes struggled to write more than a few sentences so it was really impacting on my life and my work. I sought Victoria's help after my GP rather unhelpfully suggested I take Nurofen daily on a long term basis to manage my pain. After just one session with Victoria I noticed immediate relief and have continued to receive regular maintenance treatments which have been phenomenally successful. She is very caring and a true expert in her field - I can now use my wrist normally again and very rarely suffer from the pain that used to be the bane of my life. So the results speak for themselves.

Sara, 37
I decided to have a Bowen treatment after it was recommended by a friend. I had two health issues going on; a broken toe that wasn't mending after three months, and a persistent ache in my kidney area with a frequent need to go to the loo. I had four treatments. I found them extremely relaxing and effective. The kidney ache went after the first treatment. When I finally managed to get an X-ray of my toe I was told that it had just started to mend. This was after two Bowen treatments. I still have the frequency issue, and haven't been able to continue Bowen with Victoria now that she isn't in the UK, so I will decide whether to look for another practitioner. I found Victoria friendly, and extremely professional. She explained the treatment to me, and also gave my information about aftercare. I found the treatments extremely beneficial.

Linda, 59


I decided to start Pilates as I was feeling less flexible and wanted to feel good and strong in my body again. I had around 8 Pilates sessions with Victoria, most of them along with another friend but also one-on-one. She explained and reminded us throughout the session about our posture, breathing and making sure our core was engaged. She was constantly checking on us, asking us where we felt the pressure and correcting us. I never had another trainer who was so dedicated during and after the session and interested to find out if we had any issues with injuries, etc. Victoria set very high standards that will be hard to find again.

Fani, 44


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